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The committee are currently updating the business plan in light of the proposed additional new houses to be built in Heathfield and the surrounding villages. Funds in excess of £3.5m are still required to enable building work to start and suitable grant bodies are being researched.  The Heathfield Partnership are always interested to hear from people with relevant fundraising expertise or individuals, charitable trusts or organisations who are interested in contributing to this target.

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OUR CAMPAIGN - the story so far

In 2003 a survey of the Heathfield area residents identified that more than 5,000 people out of an estimated 22,000 would commit to using a local swimming pool on average 5 times a month. An action group, HAPI (Heathfield Area Pool Initiative) was formed to lobby for support and received broad expression of support from the local authorities, schools and many other organizations and individuals, and set about fundraising to explore the opportunities available. In 2005 HAPI joined forces with The Heathfield Partnership Trust Ltd whose Sport and Leisure Committee agreed to adopt the project and provide the framework for its progression and successful conclusion. A working group of representatives from a number of relevant bodies including the District, County, and Parish
Councils, HAPI, Freedom Leisure, Heathfield Community College and local businesses and residents, was formed to develop a sound plan and timeframe for the project's delivery.

Achievements over the past 7 years have included:

· Commissioning of Feasibility Study by RQA Consultants to establish preferred site, proposed capital and revenue costs, needs analysis, and operational considerations, at a cost of £12,500 from funds raised.
· Production of a Business Plan providing details of usage, target groups, programming, service delivery and ethos, market analysis, operational management, and income and expenditure projections.
· Support pledged by 63 different voluntary bodies, clubs, associations, primary schools and charities along with more than 5,000 individuals and local MPs Greg Barker and Charles Hendry.
· Agreement of East Sussex County Council to make land available on site for the facilitation of the project at no cost.
· Confirmation by the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) of the shortfall in swimming pools in this area of East Sussex according to their strategy facilities model.
· Inclusion of the need for a swimming pool in the Heathfield area in Wealden District Council's Local Development Framework.
· Appointment of Saville Jones (Architects) to bring finalized project to Planning Application Stage at a cost of £36,000 from funds raised.
· Planning Application submitted to East Sussex County Council on 3 April 2012 and was granted on the 20 June 2012.
· Successful application made to the DCMS, Government Olympic Executive, for a relocatable training pool asset from the London 2012 Olympic games, which could be incorporated into the proposed design making significant cost savings and linking the project to the 2012 Olympic Legacy forever. 
· Formation of a Capital Fundraising Sub-Committee including handpicked individuals with experience of securing large scale funding from statutory, commercial, and charitable organizations, and individual benefactors.
This website has been set-up.
The accountable body to cover the fund raising phase is now confirmed as Wealden District Council.
A Company Limited by Guarantee has been set up to commission the capital build and then commission the professional provider to run the pool.